Thursday, December 29, 2011

Unexpected Hero

                                                      A picture taken at Baguio City Philippines

                          Before taking this picture, one of the tourist at this site suddenly had an epileptic attack. No one among his friends know what to do. And because I know what to do (I am a Bachelor in Physical Education Graduate), I help the man for as much as i could. For a while, the man relaxed, but suddenly he chilled and took a pee on his shorts, we all know that if that happen the man will die immediately so I advice them to take their friend to the nearest hospital, and after that I didn't know what happen next.

                         After 24 hours I saw that particular man at the KFC on SM Baguio having a crusher drink while laughing with his friends, I just felt a relief cause me and my friends are wondering what happen to that man. It is such a great experience that I unexpectedly helped a random person that I never knew all my life and not to mention, may never see that person again.  =)

Friday, December 23, 2011

A Christmas Carol

                     Here is a picture of a small activity for Christmas, a Christmas Carol for a cause!!!

               Me and some of my co-teachers gather for this activity to add funds for the relief operations in Cagayan de Oro Mindanao. Its sad to know that over 1000 people died on that tradegy and thousands of family are having the worst days of their life today because of thypoon sendong. Let us all pray for those who survived and let them know that we, Filipinos their kababayan, are here for them to help.