Monday, August 22, 2011


           Just got home from work, I started searching songs related to "buwan ng wika" then I opened my Facebook account. Suddenly, two of my former students (Darren and Eusyll) send me a message saying 'hi sir" then followed by nine (9) other people also saying "hello sir" and "hi sir" and many random people saying also hi and hello. After reading those hi and hellos, I immediately logged out and... Guess what??!!

            Until now, I cannot sign in to my account. Wow!! Sh*t.. One of my cousin told me that he is now online as I do this blog. And worst, he told me that I am the one who first send messages and when they reply, I already sign out. Ouch!!! What kind of f*@#$g virus is this!!! I'm so pissed. Grrrrrrrrr....         

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Unfinished Business

            It's already Sunday afternoon, I still got so many things to do. The grades of my students are still pending. haha. But it's ok, there is no declaration of the deadline on when shall we finish all the grades this grading period. Some of the results of the exam and projects are in the school, I couldn't complete all the necessary grades without those data. Most probably, 50% of the grades will be finished tomorrow. I wish!!! I still have to make a powerpoint presentation about Marriage and Family Planning to be discussed this week.

        Here's a preview of what I already accomplish this day (aside from sleeping and eating).haha



Saturday, August 20, 2011

Bad News Plus Torn Ligament

            Just got home from playing basketball. We won the first game by 25 - 20. In the second game, just when the momentum shifted to my team, my knee got hurt from banging into the opponent's knee. I can feel it, it's my last year's knee problem, a torn ligament. I had to leave the game. Then our center "Yao" was unable to continue the game because someone poked his eye. My teammates also had a bad game. In short, we lost the second game. But that's not the bad news.

            As I go home, I just remember that today is the release of the Nursing Board Exam result. One of my closest friend take that exam. I immediately searched for his name. It takes me time to search but still as I type this blog, I couldn't find his name.

           It's ok bro. Still, your one of the smartest person I ever knew. The results are true but it doesn't show all the knowledge you've got. (Natapat lang tol).

                               The guy in this picture is Yao.

Virgin Day

                 Its my first day as a blogger, I really don't know what to do. lol. Good thing my cousin taught me how to make one. Thanks to Christian Dela Cruz. Since it is my first day. I guess no one is going to find out that i now have a what we so called "blog".

           Anyone who sees this blog... Please pray for me that many will read this. haha. I think this is going to be fun. even if i am having a hard time talking to myself in what am i going to say in my blog. haha. As I do this blog, I am also doing the grades of my 4th year students. I think I'm not going to finish their grades until tomorrow. This month will be a hard one but on September, its going to be the toughest this year. Stay put guys.. Thanks for reading.