Monday, August 22, 2011


           Just got home from work, I started searching songs related to "buwan ng wika" then I opened my Facebook account. Suddenly, two of my former students (Darren and Eusyll) send me a message saying 'hi sir" then followed by nine (9) other people also saying "hello sir" and "hi sir" and many random people saying also hi and hello. After reading those hi and hellos, I immediately logged out and... Guess what??!!

            Until now, I cannot sign in to my account. Wow!! Sh*t.. One of my cousin told me that he is now online as I do this blog. And worst, he told me that I am the one who first send messages and when they reply, I already sign out. Ouch!!! What kind of f*@#$g virus is this!!! I'm so pissed. Grrrrrrrrr....         

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