Saturday, June 23, 2012

1 of 7 Wonders of Nature

Underground River @ Puerto Princesa Palawan

     This is a picture taken last march 2012 at Puerto Princesa Palawan. Inside this cave is a river that measures nine kilometers long according to our tour guide. We only saw the first four kilometers because we need to have a permit in order to go further than the usual tour. We (Me, Christian and Gina Dela Cruz), are lucky to have a peek on one of the most beautiful wonders of the world.  

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Camp 2012

(From the left) Jegs, Lays, Tiks, Lhed, Ja and Me that right leg at my side is Butchoy's

              This picture was taken last Holy week at Mt. Makiling Laguna Philippines, we had our 10th Family Bible Camp that has a theme of "A Decade of Faithfulness". We spend three days and two nights within that area. Ja and me slept in one tent and the other four are altogether in one tent. Even though we haven't sleep that much, we had fun because of the activities that was lined up by the staff of this program. Thanks to them and to Mighty God, this camp was indeed a success. =))

Sunday, April 8, 2012

El Nido

Photo of me taken by my cousin Christian Dela Cruz

                  This is a picture taken at El Nido Palawan, Philippines... I just realize how beautiful the Philippines when I got here. So far, I think, every Filipino will agree to me that this place has some of the most amazing views and sites in this world. Definitely, this not my last trip here in my own country. =))

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

New Room

                  After seeing my room as a dead painted and dull colored four cornered box, I finally decided to paint it along with my cousins. (John Daniel Camacho (Main man), Roger and Dave-veed Dela Cruz (Extra Rice Incorporated).

 My cousin Dave-veed with my dull dirty room

Me and my newly painted room

Saturday, February 18, 2012

Field Trip 2012

Me, Jen, Tonet and Christian

             This is a picture taken at the side of Enchanted Kingdom's Space Shuttle. It was a tiring long day for all of the teachers because we are in-charge on taking care of the students of Meycauayan National High School. But still, it became a happy trip for all of us. We rode three of the amusement park's most famous rides. It became an escape from stressful and busy work. =)..

Me and my students

                This picture was taken outside the amusement park near the parking area before we went inside. Those who's with me are my fourth year students. On this picture they were in front of me but I got inside first because of my other students who were in front of the entrance gate. =)